Where to Find Old Matric Results

Where to Find Old Matric Results

If you find yourself interested in older matric results, it is important to know where you can find them. You might even need your results from when you wrote matric, or you are just interested to see how matric education has progressed in South Africa. 

You can find these results:

  • At your school
  • New24
  • Government Archives 

Here is everything you need to know about finding old matric results. 

Current Results

If you are looking for recently released results, many places will have access to these matric results. Keep in mind that the 2020 matric results will only be released in February 2020 and can be found on the Matric College News page. 

  • Check the Newspaper: The popular newspapers will have all the current matric results as soon as they come out. 
  • News 24: News24 has a website dedicated to the release of matric results. All you have to do is click here.
  • Your School: Your school will also have all of the matric results as soon as they are released. 
  • IEB and DoBE Websites: Both the IEB and DoBE websites will have all their matric results posted on their website as soon as they are released, 


Old Results

If you are looking for older results, the best thing to do is look in the matric result archives. Unfortunately, these archives only go back to 2004 so any results before then will not be listed. 

To find the government archive click here. This website is currently under construction but should be ready for the release of the 2020 matric results in February 2021.  

Lost Matric Certificate

If you are looking for results because you lost your matric certificates, there are ways that you can reapply for a matric certificate without having to find your results. 

All you have to do is apply with the DoBE and follow a few steps that can be found in this article. 

Adult Matric Results

If you are looking for adult matric results that are slightly older, you will have to visit the matric archive website. This website is currently out of order but should be up and running soon. 

Click here to visit the government matric results archive. 

Author: Andrea Frisby 

Last Updated: 25 November 2020

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