What Is Matric College Whatsapp Groups About?

  • WhatsApp is a popular platform worldwide
  • It has 1.5 billion users
  • WhatsApp is primarily used for informal communication
  • However, Organisations like Matric College use WhatsApp Business to bring products, services and support closer to their students
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Why Study WhatsApp Groups?

  • Matric College believe study groups are an essential part of distance learning 
  • Due to COVID, meeting in person can be challenging due to social distancing and government restrictions. Matric College is a national institution and students are from all over South Africa. 
  • They have therefore decided to make study groups more accessible through online mediums, one of them being WhatsApp
  • Connecting to a WhatsApp study group is cost-effective and can be beneficial to your studies when you fully participate
  • Their goal with WhatsApp study groups? More students passing their distance learning courses 

What Are Study Groups, And Why Do They Work?

Study groups are peer learning or social learning. This is when a group of students come together and learn from each other. Technological advancements have provided us with space online where social interaction can take place.

Matric College offers Whatsapp and Facebook study groups to support your distance learning studies. This online tool is beneficial to all distance learning students as it connects you to fellow students and their skilled tutors. You can discuss the subjects you are studying and connect to a tutor who can assist you understand the coursework.

Different types of Study Groups

There are two types of study groups: 

  • Face-to-face study groups
  • Online study groups

Face-To-Face Study Groups

Face-to-face study groups are when groups of students meet up in person to study. Traditional institutions like UNISA encourage students to create face-to-face study groups by providing contact details of other students in their areas. You can get into contact with other students and form a study group by deciding on a meeting time and place. 

UNISA students find great difficulty forming groups. Students post on the MyUNISA forum but the interaction is nearly nonexistent as students are either unaware of the call to study groups or have other obligations and find it difficult to fit attending study groups in their schedules. 

Online Study Groups

Online study groups like Matric College WhatsApp study groups are more effective than face-to-face study groups. You do have to travel to a meeting place and online platforms allow you to participate in your own time. 

Advantages Of Online Study Groups

  • Improved experience of distance learning for students
  • Combined individual insight, perspective and understanding
  • A highly effective way of learning
  • Distance Learning students in different locations can easily meet up online
  • WhatsApp is affordable easily accessible
  • Effective study groups generate positive energy and encourage students to participate and reap its benefits

Online Platforms Created by Matric College

Matric College, along with its students are innovative and use online tools to their advantage by creating WhatsApp and Facebook study groups. 

WhatsApp Study Groups

WhatsApp is a chat application and encourages social interaction between distance learning students and tutors. You can participate by asking questions about the coursework and having general discussions about topics related to the coursework. 

Devices You Can Use

You can access WhatsApp on smartphones, desktop computers, Laptops and Facebook portals using the WhatsApp Web feature. 


In South Africa, connecting to a device to use WhatsApp requires you to have internet access. You can get internet access through: 

  • WiFi 
  • Mobile data
  • WhatsApp tickets that are offered by mobile network providers

How Are Students Added To A WhatsApp Study Group?

Once you begin your studies at Matric College, you can express your interest in joining their WhatsApp study group. Students are sent a WhatsApp link via email and are also available in their orientation guide upon registration. 

Matric College also offers monthly service calls to their students where they also ask if students would like to join the WhatsApp study groups. 

What are Matric College Contact Details?

WhatsApp Study Group number: 076 961 0277

Academic support number: 021 838 8295

Scheduled Times for WhatsApp Group Participation

Due to the number of messages coming through during the day, Matric College has received many requests from students to change the group settings where only admins can post. 

They have decided that there will be scheduled times for which the groups will be open for healthy student and tutor interactions. 

Monday to Thursday: 12h00 – 14h00 and 19h00 – 22h00

Friday: 12h00 – 14h00

Saturday: Open whole day

Sunday: Open whole day

Public Holidays: Open whole day

Tutors are available for specific questions and queries you have, you can complete the tutor contact form.

WhatsApp Study Group Rules

Below are the WhatsApp study group rules that are posted daily in the study groups. 

  1. This group is strictly for peer assistance. It is an additional resource created by the College for students to help each other and not for tutors to “teach” you.
  2. This group is for academic queries and assistance ONLY!
  3. Our tutors are active in this group and will guide and assist you as best they can.
  4. The College will also share important information in all groups.
  5. Should you require any tutor assistance, please complete a tutor contact form. https://www.matric.co.za/tutor-contact-form/
  6. Should you have any study material or non-academic queries, please email our support department at support@matric.co.za or call our student support team on 021 838 8295.
  7. Any private messages sent outside of this group will be attended to by our students will be attended to by our support team. 
  8. This group strictly forbids any negativity, venting, foul language, bad-mouthing or dragging each other down!!!
  9. If you do not follow the rules of this group, you will be removed with immediate effect. 

Thank you

Who All Is On The WhatsApp Study Group?

  • Matric College distance learning students doing the same course as you
  • Matric College skilled tutors are available between 12 pm and 2 pm daily 
  • Matric College WhatsApp Administrator

Is The WhatsApp Study Group Monitored?

Yes, the WhatsApp study groups are monitored by dedicated WhatsApp administrators who oversee the WhatsApp groups and respond to all queries. 

What Courses Offered By Matric College Have Whatsapp Study Groups?

  • Adult Matric
  • Matric Upgrade

There are WhatsApp study groups for all of the subjects offered in the Adult Matric and Matric Upgrade Courses except for African Language subjects.

List Of Subjects That Has WhatsApp Study Groups

  • English Home Language
  • English First Additional Language
  • Afrikaans Huistaal
  • Afrikaans Eerste Addisionele Taal
  • Mathematics/ Wiskunde
  • Mathematical Literacy/Wiskundige Geletterdheid
  • Physical Sciences/ Fisiese Wetenskap
  • Life Sciences/ Lewenswetenskappe
  • Agricultural Sciences/ Landbouwetenskap
  • Business Studies/ Besigheidstudies
  • Economics/ Ekonomie
  • Accounting/ Rekeningkunde
  • History/ Geskiedenis
  • Geography/ Geografie
  • Religious Studies/ Religious Studies

Their African Languages WhatsApp study groups are in development and will go live on 3 January 2022.

What All Can I do on WhatsApp Study Groups?

  • Chat with other distance learning students
  • Connect with skilled tutors
  • Discuss coursework material
  • Ask and answer questions 

Matric College WhatsApp

You can add Matric College on WhatsApp and connect with them by sending them a message to start your studies. Speak to course experts, apply for a course and receive WhatsApp brochures to inform yourself of the courses we offer. 

What Are The Matric College Contact Details?

The Matric College WhatsApp number is 072 799 4195.

Author: Mohamed Ajmoodien
Editor: Amy Venter
Date Published: February 15, 2022

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