Western Cape Matric Results 2016 – 2020

Western Cape Matric Results 2016 – 2020

The Western Cape is one of the provinces that has maintained a good pass rate since 2016.

Year by year

Here is how the Western Cape province performed from 2016 until 2019;


In 2016, Western Cape achieved a pass rate of 87.7%. The Western cape was the second highest performing province in 2016. 


In 2017, the Western Cape saw an 84.4% matric pass rate in 2017. The Western Cape saw a decline and landed in third place. However, the province still managed to maintain a pass rate above 80%.


The Western Cape experienced another decline to 81.5%. However the Western Cape saw a huge increase in the pass rates in most privileged schools, seeing a rise from 57.5% to 70.5%.


In 2019, the Western Cape achieved an increase of 0.8%, giving them a pass rate of 82.3%.


Here is what educational specialist Jan Badenhorst has to say:  “The Western Cape’s education system has been the most robust through the covid pandemic.

They were able to keep their school feeding programmes going. And they were quick to help kids study from home. I still think there will be an impact on their numbers. But not as big an impact as in the other provinces. I predict a drop to 86%.”

Author: Omega Fumba

Last Updated: 12 November 2020

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