Matric Results Are Not That Important

Matric Results Are Not That Important

Now that we are in the middle of the exam season, many students are thinking that their entire futures depend on their results. To some extent, this can be true, but it also just adds on more unnecessary stress. 

There are options of tertiary education if you do not pass matric and so matric results are not always that important. Here is everything you need to know about the importance of matric results. 

No, One Exam Does Not Define Your Whole Life

There is not only one chance to do your matric certificate. Luckily, there are many opportunities for you to get matric. 

There are also many study choices available for students who have a certificate for grade 10,11 and a diploma pass from matric.

  1. If you did not do well in your matric year and wish to improve your results, you can always opt for a matric upgrade. This way you can choose subjects to redo to ensure that you get higher marks. These new results will be combined on the same certificate as your unchanged results to give you a new matric certificate that shows your best results. 

Adult matric is also always an option. No matter how many years you have been out of school, you can apply to do your adult matric. All you need to apply for your adult matric is a grade 9 certificate. 

Adult Matric

Adult matric can be written by anybody over the age of 21. You can apply when you are 19 and start studying towards your exams; however, you can only write the exams when you are at least 21. An adult matric is for you if:

  • Have a grade 9 certificate.
  • Have not completed your matric year before. 

What Can I Study With a Grade 10 Certificate

The best course to study with a grade 10 certificate would be the ICB Financial Accounting Programme. 

Each of these courses builds upon the previous so that you can develop advanced skills in accounting without ever having completed your matric. All of their courses are accredited and highly reputable, not to mention internationally and nationally recognised. 

Here are some of the courses they offer:

The accredited ICB Bookkeeping and Accounting Courses are a great option for students who would like to study an accredited course without a matric certificate. The entry requirement for the first course in the series is that you need to have grade 10.

Once you have completed the first level of the Financial Accounting programme, that will give you entry to all the other ICB programmes. They are:

A great course of study, when opting for accredited ICB Courses, are the Business management courses. You start the course series with the ICB Business Management National Certificate Course, progress to ICB Business Management Higher Certificate and then the ICB Business Management Diploma Course. These courses will provide you with qualifications in what is considered a Scarce Skill, making you a more desirable candidate when it comes to being hired by companies.

Here are a few more courses you can study with a grade 10 certificate. 

What Can I Study With a Grade 11 Certificate

As a student who only has a grade 11 certificate, the best option for further study may be the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers Office Administration Programme

This course is exceptionally helpful towards a successful career because: 

  • The course is fully accredited 
  • It is a scarce skill 
  • It has 3 levels 
  • You get a qualification at the end of each level
  • You can choose to complete it via distance learning 
  • It is a career-related programme, so your studies can be applied to your job.

Here are a few more options if you have a grade 11 qualification 

Where Can I Study With a Grade 12 Diploma Pass

You can study all of the following courses with a grade 12 Diploma Pass: 

What Can I Study With a Grade 12 Higher Certificate Pass

Author: Jan Badenhorst

Last Updated: 27 November 2020

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