How to check your matric results online

How to check your matric results online

Are you wondering how to get your matric results online? Here are a few ways which you can check for your matric results online.

Matric Results: Three Ways to Check


Students can log on to the Department of Basic Education website to access their results.

Your Cellphone

Learners can access their results via SMS by registering through an SMS system. You can use the USSD service by:

  • Dialing *120*35658# on the release date
  • Answer a few multiple questions
  • Enter your ID number 
  • You will get your matric results per subject
  • USSD rates apply

The Newspaper

Every year when results are released, they are published in various newspapers.

The results on the newspaper will not show your full matric results. The results will simply state whether you passed and with which symbol you have passed.

When you pass matric, there are three different levels that you can pass with, this all depends on your performance. 

These are the three pass levels

; Bachelor’s pass, Diploma pass and Higher certificate pass.

Higher certificate pass

Learners with a higher certificate pass may only study at an institution that offers higher certificate courses or you can study towards a course that does not require matric. To get a higher certificate pass you have to;

  • Obtain 40% in your Home Language.
  • At least 40% in two other subjects.
  • At least 30% for three other subjects.

Diploma pass

Learners with a diploma pass can study at a college and get a diploma certificate. Learners can also study at a university that offers diploma courses. To get a diploma pass you have to;

  • Get at least 40% in your home language 
  • At least 40% in three other subjects
  • At least 30% for two other subjects 

Bachelor's pass

Learners with a bachelor’s pass can apply to study at university, college or any school of higher education. Acceptance will depend on the course and university requirements. To get a bachelor’s pass you have to;

  • Obtain at least 40% in your home language 
  • At least 50% in four other subjects 
  • At least 30% in two other subjects

Where to find your matric results

IEB SMS line

IEB learners can receive their results via SMS by registering. To register for this service  you need to send an SMS to 35135, including your ID number and exam number.

NSC SMS line

Public school students can register via SMS by sending their ID number and Exam number to 35658.

Department website

Learners can get their results from their school or by logging onto the  Department of Education website

Pickup at school

You can fetch your results at school, on the day that results are released. The release date for matric results will be on 23 February 2021.

After Matric

You will have a wide variety of different opportunities after completing your matric. You can have a look at what to study after matric for more information.

Author: Omega Fumba 

Last Updated: 2 December 2020

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