Grade 12 Past Papers And Memos Consumer Studies

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Curriculum Assessment Policy Statements (CAPS)


In South African schools, learning and teaching are governed by a National Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement. For grades R through 12, every allowed subject is listed in the policy. The policy also details the program and promotion standards for grades R through 12. The Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statements for Consumer Studies are listed below:

Grade 12 Practical Assessment Task (PAT)

Learners taking specific National Senior Certificate subjects are required to complete a Practical Assessment Task (PAT). Consumer studies include PAT in its curriculum. For Consumer Studies, here are the PAT guidelines:

Preparing For Your Exams 

The best way to prepare for your upcoming exams, would be to study using past papers and memos. Not only do we have that to offer, but we have some additional resources that can help you: 

  1. 2020 revised curriculum 
  2. How to prepare for your matric exams 
  3. National Curriculum Statements (NSC)
  4. Exam guidelines for 2020

Author: Arusha Fisher 
Editor: Arusha Fisher 
Date Published: October 19, 2022

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