Gauteng Matric Results 2016 – 2020

Gauteng Matric Results 2016 – 2020

The Gauteng Province has managed to achieve a pass rate of 85% for the past 4 years. 

Year by year

Here are the pass rates for Gauteng from 2016 – 2019


In 2016, Gauteng achieved a pass rate of 85.1%, placing them in third place.


In 2017, the Gauteng province remained at a pass rate of 85.1%. Even though the province did not achieve an increase, they managed to remain above 85%.


This year was a breakthrough for Gauteng as the province was the best performing province, achieving a pass rate of 87.9%.


With a decrease of 0.7%, the Gauteng province was placed in second place with a pass rate of 87.2%.


Here is what educational specialist Jan Badenhorst has to say, “The covid pandemic created months of lost school days.

And most kids will not have been able to study successfully from home. So it seems logical that the results will be impacted. At the same time, these results are so important for so many different stakeholders, that there will be a lot of pressure to adjust the marks upwards.

I predict that the results for Gauteng will drop to just below 85%.”

Author: Omega Fumba

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