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Financial Management is seen as being an integral part of any company. If a business does not have proper financial management then it can easily break down. Having effective financial management means that the budgets of all departments are correct and kept to. The maintenance of a company’s general profit margin is handled by the financial management team.

When studying Financial Management students will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to manage and improve all the financial areas of a business. If there is no effective or transparent financial management, the running of a business can become a challenge.

Studying Financial Management provides students with a set of skills that is essential to the improvement of a business. These skills are aimed at keeping the finances of a company in check and thus also aid greatly in the growth and development of any business.

Financial Management Through Bellview Institute of Distance Learning

Studying Financial Management through Bellview Institute of Distance Learning will provide you with an accredited qualification. Bellview is accredited by the QCTO (Quality Council for Trades and Occupations) to offer Financial Management as a NATED Qualification.

Accredited by the QCTO, Bellview Institute of Distance Learning Pty. Ltd has the following accreditation: Financial Management: NATED N4 to N607-QCTO/SDP290618-2618

It is important to choose a reputable distance learning college that offers Accredited Courses when studying a course via distance learning. Completing an accredited course will provide you with a recognised qualification, increasing your chances of getting hired in your desired career field.

Financial Management: NATED Courses

Studying Financial Management through Bellview Institute of Distance Learning is broken down into the following courses:

Matric College is a distance learning institution that is fully accredited by the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers, the Department of Basic Education, the Department of Higher Education and Training, and the Trades and Occupations Quality Councils. The majority of their courses are accredited by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) and are listed on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

After you’ve passed your Matric, one of Matric College’s many recognized Management Courses could be a wonderful way to continue your education, such as the Financial Management Course or Marketing Management Course.

Studying an accredited Business Management Course is a great way to set yourself up to become your own boss and run your own business, it will also teach you the skills that you’ll need to manage a corporate business, and ensure that you will be on the right track to achieving your goal of climbing the management ladder.

You can study accredited NATED Courses through Matric College via distance learning, giving you the freedom and flexibility to study and work at the same time!

SAQA ID Number: 66874
Qualification Title: National Certificate: N4 Financial Management
Qualification Type: National N Certificate 
Originator: Department of Education 
Course Credits: 60
NQF Level: 5

Instructional Offering: 

Code 4090304: Entrepreneurship and Business Management N4
Code 4010164: Financial Accounting N4
Code 5140364: Management Communication N4
Code 6030154: Computerised Financial Systems N4

SAQA ID Number: 66954
Qualification Title: National Certificate: N5 Financial Management
Qualification Type: National N Certificate
Originator: Department of Education 
Course Credits: 60
NQF Level: 5

Instructional Offering

Code 4010175: Financial Accounting N5
Code 04010185: Cost and Management Accounting N5
Code 4090315: Entrepreneurship and Business Management N5
Code 06030175: Computerised Financial Systems N5
Code 13030105: Mercantile Law N5
Code 22020095: Economics N5

SAQA ID Number: 66998
Qualification Title: National Certificate: N6 Financial Management
Qualification Type: National N Certificate 
Originator: Department of the Education 
Course Credits: 60
NQF Level: 5

Instructional Offering:

Code 4010216: Financial Accounting N6
Code 04010196: Cost and Management Accounting N6
Code 4090336: Entrepreneurship and Business Management N6
Code 4010206: Income Tax N6
Code 06030186: Computerised Financial Systems N6

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will It Take To Finish Financial Management?

When you apply and register for your Financial Management qualification, the timeframe to complete it is generally the same. To study for NATED (National Accredited Trades and Educational Diploma) Financial Management, keep in mind the qualification is divided into a total of either three or four-course levels.

To complete your Financial Management: NATED N6 National Certificate, you have to complete the following THREE courses:

EACH of the above will take you 12 months to complete. This means that after 36 months you will have your Financial Management N6 National Certificate.

If you want to complete your Diploma in Financial Management, the following course will be added to the three listed above:

This will take you an additional 18 months of practical work experience.

It is important to remember then:

36 Months to complete Financial Management: NATED N4 to N6 National Certificates
18 Months to complete Financial Management: NATED N6 National Diploma

Total number of months to complete Financial Management: NATED N4 to N6 National Diploma = 54 months.

There are also many other Diploma Courses you can investigate.

Can I Study Financial Management With No Matric?

You can not, no.

It is a standard requirement that you have a Matric Certificate, which is the National Senior Certificate. This is because your Matric Certificate is an NQF Level 4 education. 

If you do not have your National Senior Certificate (NSC), but you want to study Financial Management, you can register and complete your Adult Matric Certificate. This Amended Senior Certificate (ASC) is exactly the same as your NSC.

If you have either an NSC or ASC then you can register to begin your studies for your qualification in Financial Management.

Can I Study At A University With A N6 Financial Management?

No it is not possible.

When applying for admission at a university, the first and standard requirement is that you have a National Senior Certificate that has a Bachelor’s Degree Pass grade. Beyond that, the added requirements to gain admission are also different depending on which University you choose.

Simply applying for admission with an N6 Financial Management Qualification will not gain you admission.

Are Financial Management Courses Recognised?

For your Financial Management qualification to be recognised you will need to carefully decide where you plan to study. If you choose to study such a course using an online college that is not accredited, your qualification will not be recognised.

Other institutions, such as FET, TVET, or Private Colleges, such as Bellview Institute of Distance Learning, do offer Financial Management courses that are recognised and accredited. Because the accreditations that these institutions carry are provided by appropriate bodies. This means that their courses are recognised, nationally and internationally.

Where can I study Financial Management?

You have many different options about where to study Financial Management. It is offered by many FET, TVET, and Private Colleges. They offer these courses as contact education in a classroom.

Other than the above you can choose distance learning institutions, such as the following:

What Are The Financial Management Course Subjects?

The exact subjects you will study in any of the Financial Management courses do differ somewhat depending on where you choose to study. 

The following however can be seen as fundamental and you will likely study these subjects:

  • Financial Management
  • Computerised Financial Systems
  • Entrepreneurship and Business Management
  • Management Communication
  • Cost and Management Accounting
  • Financial Accounting
  • Mercantile Law
  • Economics
  • Income Tax

Other Courses

If you are looking for other Distance Learning courses to study, have a look at your options here:

These courses include both NATED and ICB study options. For instance,  you can choose to study ICB Office Administration, which goes from a Certificate to a Higher Certificate and, finally, a Diploma in Office Administration. They also offer NATED Courses, for example, NATED Business Management(N4 certificate to N6 Diploma) , NATED Marketing Management Courses(N4 certificate to N6 Diploma), NATED Legal Secretary,(N4 certificate to N6 DiplomaNATED Educare and NATED Management Assistant Courses(N4 certificate, N5 certificate, N6 certificate & N6 Diploma)

They also have a selection of  CIMA courses available Business Accounting: CIMA Certificate Level, Business Accounting: CIMA Operational Level, Business Accounting: CIMA Managerial Level, and Business Accounting: CIMA Strategic Level.

Bellview also offers a series of fully accredited Business Administration Courses and Management Courses, examples of these are Marketing management courses, Human resource management courses, and  General management courses.

Author: Morné van Emmenis

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