Can I Complete My Matric Online?

You can complete an Adult Matric course to get your matric certificate through online studying.

The Adult Matric course is a Distance Learning course that gives students the opportunity to further their education and get a matric certificate. This is catered towards those who did not pass their matric year or who did not write matric at all.

The online matric course is designed so that students can work and study at the same time if they choose 

Adult Matric And Distance Learning

You can study the Adult Matric course with Bellview Institute of Distance Learning. 

All of your studies will be online including handing in assignments virtually. You will only need to travel to an external location when you write your final matric exam at a DHET exam centre.

Once you have completed your matric, you could opt to further your studies by doing an accredited Office Administration Course, qualifications in this field will put you ahead of the competition. Youre also welcome to pick from any other course which intrigues you. For example

Bellview’s Accreditation For Adult Matric

The following accreditation details apply to Bellview’s Adult Matric course:

  • Course title: Amended Senior Certificate
  • NQF level 04
  • Programme: National Qualification
  • SAQA ID: 49647
  • Award achieved: Senior Certificate
  • Accredited and issued by: Umalusi

Educational institutions do not need to undergo any accreditation processes to offer the Adult Matric programme. As an educational body, this also applies to Bellview Institute of Distance Learning.

The institute is accredited to offer a variety of quality Distance Learning courses. This includes NATED and ICB courses such as ICB Financial Accounting: Business Management. The Amended Senior Certificate you will receive upon completing the Adult Matric course is accredited and awarded by Umalusi.

Application Requirements For Adult Matric

If you have the following, you can apply for the Adult Matric course:

  • A grade 9 certificate/ a certificate equivalent to grade 9
  • A matric status that is labeled as incomplete (stating that you did not pass your matric or did not write matric at all

You must be at least 21 years old when you write your final matric exam. 

How Long Is The Adult Matric Programme?

You can choose between the following time frames in which to complete the course:

  • In 12 months (recommended)
  • In 24 months (recommended)
  • In 36 months

You can start the programme at the age of 19, but you cannot write your examinations if you are not 21.

The Amended Senior Certificate

Once you successfully finish the Adult Matric course, you will be awarded with an Amended Senior Certificate. The Amended Senior Certificate is on the exact same level as a traditional matric certificate.

Adult Matric And Traditional Matric Differences

Both qualifications are on the same level, but the course programmes have a few differences:

  • You can choose the period of time in which you want to complete the Adult Matric course
  • Adult Matric pass requirements are lower
  • You will not receive a class mark during Adult Matric as there are no physical classes
  • Adult Matric has less subjects
  • The entry requirements for Adult Matric is different

Why Do I Need A Matric Certificate?

If you have a matric certificate, you will get many benefits. Some of the benefits of having a matric certificate include:

  • Having a higher chance of being accepted for internships
  • Being able to apply for a Distance Learning course to further your studies
  • A wider variety of career paths to choose from and a higher employment rate
  • You could apply for a university course if you pass Adult Matric on a Bachelor’s Degree level
Completing your matric will allow you to take your studies further with one the following of courses offered at Bellview Institute of  Distance Learning;

NATED Management Assistant Courses

NATED Business Management Courses

NATED Marketing Management Courses

NATED Educare Courses

NATED Legal Secretary Courses

NATED Human Resource Management Courses


You could also opt for one of the General Management Courses offered by Bellview. These courses are accredited and the qualifications are internationally recognised, so not only will you learn invaluable skills but any of these qualifications will make you more attractive to future employers.


Can I Get Into University With An Amended Senior Certificate?

Universities accept Amended Senior Certificates for applications. You must pass your Adult Matric programme on a Bachelor’s Degree level to meet this minimum requirement.

Universities also have a list of other specific requirements you must meet to apply for one of their programmes. You need to choose the right subjects for your Adult Matric course and get high marks to increase your chances of getting accepted for university.

ICB Courses

There is also a selection of pre-matric courses that are offered by Bellview that you can have a look at.

Applying For Adult Matric

You can apply to study the Adult Matric course with Bellview by:

Author: Karla Nortier
Editor: Megan Dreyer
Date Published: December 7, 2021

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