Matric Upgrade

At the end of matric, not everybody can get the results they wanted. Sometimes the stress gets the better of us and we do badly or even fail. This means that all the plans you had for tertiary education are ruined.

Luckily, a matric upgrade is your second chance at your matric exams. This way you can get another shot at doing well in your matric exams and get into whichever tertiary course you can.

One of the benefits of Online Matric is that students have the option to work and study at the same time because they can set their own study schedule

Here is everything you need to know about doing a matric upgrade.

What is a Matric Upgrade

A matric upgrade is a second chance at your matric final exams. Once you have written your finals and gotten your results, you can do a matric upgrade to essentially redo whichever exams that need better marks. 

Once you have completed your upgrade, your new results and the results of exams that you did not redo will be consolidated into one certificate. It will be like you got the new results the first time you did matric

You can apply right now to do your matric course at Matric College. We offer matric courses via distance learning in English. You will be able to study with us anywhere in South Africa to achieve your academic goals. 

Matric College makes learning easy! We offer an improved educational experience with exceptional attention to our students.

  • You can study from home
  • We offer individual help
  • We have caring staff
  • We are easy to connect with

How long does it take?

A matric upgrade takes about a year to complete. Many students decided to do it over two years to ensure enough study time for their subject. This way, they can focus on half the subjects one year and half the next to get the best marks possible. 

You also only pay for one year. If you decide to spread your studies over 2 years, you will not have to pay extra.

The Requirements

If you are looking to apply for a Matric Upgrade, you will need to meet the following requirements

  • You wrote your matric final exams 
  • Proof of your exam results 
  • Statement of your (previous) matric results
  • ID document – certified copy
  • Email address
  • Cell number

When Can I Apply?

You can apply for a Matric Upgrade as soon as you get your results for your final matric exams. Ensure that you apply on time to secure your place in that year’s matric upgrade.

Subject Choices

You can either choose to redo all of your subjects or a select few that need an improved mark. You do not have to choose the same subjects as you had in your high school matric year. Instead, you can choose subjects that can get you the best marks, or subjects you need to get into a specific course. 

As long as you have a Home Language, Additional Language and Mathematics (or mathematics literacy), the 3 other subjects can be any of your choosing.

Where Will I Write my Exams?

You will write your final exams at the closest available venue to where you live. We will take care of planning where you write and keep you informed with every detail along the way.

Study Material

We provide all of your necessary study material as soon as you have registered and paid for your Matric Upgrade. The best part is that all your textbooks are included in the price. 

They are available as soon as you have completed your registration and can be downloaded on your laptop, phone or tablet. This way, you can study from anywhere in the country or the world.

You will also be sent a breakdown of all the tasks, assessments and tests that you will need to complete your Matric Upgrade.

Exam Preparation

We help you every step of the way. Before the examination period, we will send you old exam papers to work through and to test your skill sets. We also have available aid after hours and provide videos and extra study material to help you prepare as much as you can. 

With tutors available online, you will have all the support needed to pass your matric exams this time around.

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